Trends for the Next 10 years

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Looking at what is predicted for the future and the state of existing technology I can see a number of trends.

These can be classified into

Improved energy supplies

More food

Improved surveillance

Reduced pollution

Information Technology changes

I have  list of what I find interesting and need to reduced to a smaller list

1 Virtualising the network
2 Refrigeration, Revolutionary refrigerator compressor design that is up to 35 percent more energy efficient than conventional compressors and further reduces the consumption of the most energy-hungry appliance in the home.
3 Drones
4 Physicists Create Magnetic Invisibility Cloak
5 Google fibre
6 Higher eduication
7 Nuclear fusion reactor
8 Plant fuels that could power a jet
9 Inexpensive water purification system
10 Nanotechnolgy
11 Electricity storage
12 Useful genetic engineering of food

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