1999 – Freeware – 2012

It was 1999 and I didn’t know how to use a computer.
You could say I was late.
However, within a three year period I had downloaded and tested nearly a hundred freeware programs.
Most of them came from download.com and freewarefiles.com

My quest to improve my computer’s performance -through the use of freeware- reached its limit and I knew I needed to obtain a better system. Compaq Presario 2000 was it, and I still have it, it works too. I keep it offline -used as a backup machine- even though the drive space is nearly used up.

Now after 13 years removed my freeware count is about 1,500 program’s downloaded and used.
This isn’t to say I’m using all of them -no- some didn’t work, some had bug’s, some were useless,
some were just plane stupid.
On my drive right now are 10.3 gigabytes of freeware. Old ones and up to date.

The direction freeware has taken me in this technological world was one I never thought would
happen. I taught myself how to repair, upgrade computers and fix “Windows” related problems.

I learned all I could on how to fix my computers hardware -so as to save a buck- I endlessly search the web on how to fix Windows 95, 98, Me, XP and Seven. Still working on Seven.

Freeware? Freeware! Freeware, who knew?!