Central Computer Core 2.6

You use Rainmeter? This Rainmeter skin is loaded with
meters and comes with PortableApps.


Rufus 1.3.3.exe (USB) format tool
Hide_Show Taskbar.exe
USB Eject.exe

Winamp and Torrent not included.

Installer File Size = 14.9 MB
Folder Size after extraction = 17.2 MB

Works with XP and higher.
You will have to have the latest version of Rainmeter,
3.0.0 beta r2076 32bit (Aug 12 2013)

I created this Rainmeter skin to get the most out of Rainmeter
and have this skin use the least amount of CPU usage as possible.
I think I’ve met that challenge. On my system the average CPU usage I clocked is 6.3%,
with this large skin, this is the lowest CPU usage -for a Rainmeter skin- I have seen.

The purpose of the “System Bar skin” is to have that info displayed when you have your default web browser open and the Windows Taskbar hidden.