Data Base Interface V 1.0

Rainmeter Skin Data Base Interface V 1.0 is released.

If your familiar with Rainmeter then you’ll know what to do with this release. If you don’t know what Rainmeter is, learn about
Rainmeter here.

The latest Rainmeter release which you’ll need is here
(direct download).

You will need an Internet connection to install Rainmeter.

To download Rainmeter Skin Data Base Interface V 1.0
Link here.

Once the download is finished, click on Data Base Interface_1.0.rmskin to install.
Run Rainmeter if its not already running, from the systems tray right click the Rainmeter icon, mouse up to “Layouts”, Click Data Base Interface. Right click on each default skin that popped up when you installed Rainmeter, to unload them before Appling the layout Data Base Interface.

Data Base Interface V 1.0 will only install on systems running “OS” Vista and up.

Installer Size = 1.16 MB
Folder Size after install = 1. 41 MB

That’s pretty much it. Enjoy!

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