I started my day knowing I was going to install
“Bitdefender Safepay”
BitSafe_screenshot, so I can provide you with this
review, I began the installation process.

I found the installation process a bit lengthy, in which two services from bitdefender safepay were asked to run at startup –I reluctantly approved the task- knowing they
were needed so bitdefender safepay (BitSafe) would operate properly.

Once the installation was completed and BitSafe
proceeding to run, the activation process began, I created
my account –user name, 128 bit password- finish.
A message appeared informing me to check my email in order to confirm my account, BitSafe
application opened into a private desktop browsing window with the option to return to my desktop by
providing a button at the upper left corner of my screen. Screenshot above depicts the button option to activate the –type- private desktop browsing interface.
(screenshot unavailable – locked out from taking one),
I guess the inability to take a screenshot while in
the private browsing mode is a good thing, its like an added sense of security.

I typed in this web site into the address bar, the “BitSafe” browser took me here –but- I didn’t see any indications that it was doing so, I thought, is it working.
So I tried another web site, Facebook this time I looked at the status bar and found it was working to proceed to Facebook.com, the navigation failed. This is the message I was providing with:

The navigation to https://facebbok.com/ failed.
Error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED(105): Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address.

Is Facebook blocked using BitSafe, I don’t know and am unable to answer that question. What I can say is that BitSafe browsing is suppose to be for banking and E-commerce transactions, so I typed in
eBay.com and the connections was completed.

Honestly I did not make any purchase’s using BitSafe due to the lack of fundsand I really can’t say how safe BitSafe is in doing this type of online transactions.
This review is mostly about how the software behaves.

I then exited from the private desktop browsing window and opened Firefox, accessed my Gmail
account, clicked the link to confirm my Bitdefender Safepay account,


ScreenShot 008 BitdefenderAccountDashboard

Logged In, MyBitdefender immediately scanned my computer process’s and basic system32 files before I was able to setup my profile. I then activated my Facebook activation feature
(Facebook App – https://apps.facebook.com/bd-safego/) and left it at that, I exited from MyBitdefender account. If you would like to give Bitdefender–Safepay a try click here to download the desktop
software application. This short review should be enough to get you started, the software behavior on your system may be super intelligent –if you will-.

However, for me I have no use for it –but- will leave it on my system, in case a need arises. I am going to disable the automatic services, so as to not let it bog down my system.

I have found this type (cloud service) of computer technology a trend towards a better computing security experience. Of coarse that concept is debatable.



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