How to change your Windows 7 theme.

I’m not one who chooses to brag -but- when it comes to my computer I’ll make an exception. Over the years I have found pleasure in changing the way my “OS” looks. Going through many themes and styles, I just couldn’t find one that I liked -until- now.
I thought I would be satisfied with a “Star Trek” style and others, I thought Rainmeter would help, I just couldn’t settle. The screenshot below are of what my style looks like. I know I showed previous looks before -but- this time this style is for keeps.

ScreenShot 011

How did I make it possible to change the way “Microsoft” intended its operating systems
(“OS”) to look like? One word, “Freeware”.
Lets not forget the freeware developer’s that produced the software to make it possible to alter the windows style and or theme. Without their ingenuity and hard work, we -the public- wouldn’t have this technology at our finger tips. Yes there is a risk downloading and installing freeware onto your computer, this is why its necessary to research the product before you do so.
Have an active anti-virus program running -not to mention- learn all you can about the software
before you download.

If you haven’t done so already you’ll need the “Universal Theme Patcher”. All links to web sites and freeware are at the end of this article!

Now you’ll want to get the same visual style I am using I downloaded from 7themes.su -or another- I found the web site through deviantART.
(be careful at deviantART they are known to have malware from some sources) there is only one drawback with 7themes.su, the language is Russian -not to say Russian is bad-. You may ().
And if that site doesn’t suit you, there are other web sites too download a new visual style. Not knowing how to read or speak Russian, I managed to find the download link for the style I now have.
7themes.su is a pretty good web site -but- downloading from there is a bit ridiculous.
The visual style (Jarvis) download comes as a .rar file, if you don’t want it, then you can download my .zip file (Jarvis Style). Link below.

The self extracting Jarvis.exe file is the first one you’ll want to execute. After doing so, select all fonts that are in the font folder, right click and choose install, now go to “Personalize”, right click any where on desktop, choose personalize, scroll down to “Installed Themes”, click with mouse,
-wait- the style should be visible now. Your start orb may not have been changed however. If you want to change it to the Jarvis style or any other you’ll have to get the freeware program Windows 7 Start Button Changer. This small but effective program can be found at doors2windows web site. Link below.
Once Start Orb Changer.exe is running, follow directions, its that easy. You can always restore.

Ever wanted to change the blur effect in “Aero” then Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker is what you want. See below for link.
http://www.doors2windows has a wide variety of free programs and “How to’s”
you might find handy for your “OS”.

Maybe you want the Rainmeter skin I created that fits the windows style, its available. Link below.
Wallpaper included.

Blue World 3rd Rock Screenshot

Ever been watching a movie or TV show and noticed when they show a computer system and it doesn’t look like the traditional “OS”?
This article may explain why!

All Links:

UXTheme Patcher learn more here. Use this to download direct.


If this link doesn’t work, type in 7themes.su in the address bar and continue.

My Download Link for

ScreenShot 001

After changing my start orb AVG anti-virus warned me that a file named expstart.exe
(general detection exception) needed to be removed from the folder C:/Windows,
I allowed it to remain. I ran a check on the AVG web site and it yielded no results.
You may have better success with Identifying the file.


After further study and review I have to warn you, doors2windows has broken software programs
and they can cause harm to your computer. Please use at your own risk.
You’ve been warned.


Rainmeter Skin:

Blue World 3rd Rock Screenshot

If you would like to browse other Rainmeter Skins try this site.

Why did I provide this article, because I can.

Please feel free to comment and correct me if you find any thing I may have left out and or I’m mistaken.
And please share this article on your facebook page. I’m working hard to get more followers, thank you.

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