Do You Know – Rainmeter

System Binary 1 is “Rainmeter”, a rainmeter skin.

System Binary lo2 ScreenShot 2

This is serious work and when done the work is well worth it.

You like this skin? Get it from .

Well that’s it, couldn’t have posted this tidbit of information any better. And thanks for your interest.


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Feeling Lucky: Rainmeter | Rainmeter Skins

System Binary ;Skin Folder Size: 14.0 MB
Rainmeter Installer Size: 12.2 MB
Skin Zip File Size:  MB
Screen Resolution: 1280×1024 / This skin on your desktop may need some dragging to adjust.
AST provides the “Wallpaper” in all of its skins.
With this skin is a set of Icons (OblyIcons.zip) the set of Icons work with the Application Launcher, (not all Icons are set to the Launcher).

This skin works with Rainmeter Version 3.1.0 beta r2286 32-bit (Apr 6 2014) Win 7 and Higher.

And for precautionary reasons all layouts are in the skin folder.

The System Binary screenshot shows Rocket Dock and Nexus Dock (not included) and the Bit Defender Gadget (also not included).

System Binary has two layouts, the second layout uses a lot of the CPU, due to the large amount of Blinkies running.

There will be a System Binary 2