TrueCrypt – organizing a future

TrueCrypt must not die TrueCrypt.ch is the gathering place for all up-to-date information. If  TrueCrypt.org really is dead, we will try to organize a future.


Continuing Effort

Currently it is very unclear what really happened. Was it really just the end of a 10 year effort, or was it driven by some government. While a simple defacement is more and more unlikely we still don’t know where this is going. However the last 36 hours showed clearly that TrueCrypt is a fragile product and must be based on more solid ground. We start now with offering to download the Truecrypt file as is, and we hope we can organize a solid base for the Future.

There are no signs that there is any known security problem within TrueCrypt 7.1a…

TrueCrypt source code at GitHub_here.

via TrueCrypt – organizing a future.

TrueCrypt Update: 05-30.2014

Yes, Virginia, TrueCrypt is still safe to use.

For reasons that have remained unstated three days after the event, TrueCrypt’s developers chose not to graciously turn their beloved creation over to a wider Internet development community, but rather to attempt to kill it off by creating a dramatically neutered 7.2 version…

And then the TrueCrypt developers were heard from . . . More Here.

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