Who Is Amerisphere Software Technologies

From the desk of Gary M. Smith:AST_Me3

Yup, it’s the real me.

I thought its time to introduce myself. I am Gary Michael Smith.
Creator of Amerisphere Software Technologies (this web site).
I’m all over the Internet.
You can find my public social media accounts at nearly all the top web companies the Internet has to offer (links are at the end of this introduction).

I began pounding on the keyboard in 1999. Since that time, the technological knowledge of a computer
still can elude me. Having the ability to upgrade and troubleshoot nearly any machine, there is always
that one, the one which can reset all of the knowledge as if it wasn’t there.

And believe you me, it recently happened.

Case in point – the “System Administrator” was highjacked on this machine.

If you have and or currently experiencing this behavior, the best fix for it, is to re-install the entire
”Operating System” (OS). I’ll be honest, I was disappointed in myself, I wasn’t able to repair the highjacked machine for the unfortunate recipient.

After much research and troubleshooting the consensus rendered resulted in no fix.
The new “OS” wasn’t present. Oh, well. Until the day is here.

I quickly recovered and moved on to access my brains memory banks to get back any lost information
from the reset action which had occurred.

-step forward-

You know I came up with the solution after all. A clean install of the “OS” will and always is the best fix.

In 1999 my attraction to know computers was all consuming. I couldn’t get enough.
I had to know how a .gif worked, I had to know what memory (RAM) was, I had to know what was inside
an internal hard drive (HDD). So, I busted one. Took it apart and was amazed to see the deep impression made on the platter (disk surface). After may hours of focusing my attention towards the mechanical device and reading, I was now familiar with the basics on how a hard drive functioned.

To prevent this article from becoming very lengthy, let’s take another -step forward-

In the web of the world, “free” became my direction. I needed free program’s (computer software) to optimize my computer and fix any potential problems that may be slowing down the hardware and any file confusion with-in the “OS”.

What it boils down to –is- free.
I’m running this web site for free. It is my intention to give a free service (selective service) to the Internet. All technology news worth providing, if you follow me on twitter your company may be endorsed for free, via twitter. Software updates are important at all times, if I know of them, I will inform you via twitter. But, please keep in mind, I’m away from the computer often and may not post for hours. I’m currently working on a fix for that.

So, anyway. Here are the other places you can find me:

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”Out of the no where and into the here”.

Feeling Lucky – System Administrator | Operating System | Free Software