AT&T suffers data breach allowing theft of personal information

…exposing sensitive personal data such as Social Security numbers and birth dates,


Attackers have compromised the personal information of an undisclosed number of AT&T Mobility wireless customers, the Dallas-based telecommunications giant has confirmed.

AT&T confirmed the data breach June 13th, saying outside attackers — allegedly employees of one of AT&T’s service providers — stole personal information on AT&T Mobility customers. The company would not disclose the number of affected users.

In a letter to customers, AT&T said the breach occurred between April 9 and April 21 and was carried out by the employees of a “service provider.”

Although AT&T didn’t reveal how many people were affected, California law requires companies to notify their customers when they’ve suffered a loss of user data in connection with a malicious attack affecting more than 500 people.

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