Hackers Try to Extort Domino’s Pizza

Dominos Pizza are being held to ransom by hackers who say they have stolen the details of more than 600,000 customers.


Rex Mundi claimed to have taken the information of 592,000 customers in France and 58,000 in Belgium. From six of these customers, the group published sample information. The data on each seem to vary, in some cases they also included phone numbers, e-mail addresses and passwords (presumably to their account on Domino’s site).

Domino’s Vice President of Communications Tim McIntyre said the hacking was “isolated” to independent franchise markets of Belgium and France, where the company’s online ordering system not collect credit card orders, so no financial data had been taken.

Instead of paying up, Domino’s took the breach to the French authorities, making this attempted blackmail on the company the latest in a series of Rex Mundi’s failed attempts to turn a dime from its hacking skills. According to The Register, the group published “thousands of customer loan records after it attempted to extract $15,000 from payday loan provider Americash Advance” and failed to get paid for stealing and “subsequently publishing 12,000 names of Belgian hosting firm Alfanet.”

The president for the popular pizza company has said that they have not and will not be paying any ransom money to them.

Feedly, too, a popular social networking and communications site, was also affected by a recent online security threat. Hackers infiltrated their servers, and tried extorting them for money. However, they too are refusing to concede to these invasive computer intruders.

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