What Is The Best Mobile Broadband Device

I don’t give product reviews, but, I thought I make this exception. It is fitting I do so, since I’m currently using a “Netgear Mobile Broadband 4G” (Virgin Mobile Hotspot) device I recently bought.

Honestly, its to early to give my absolute unwavering decision on whether I like the device.
The casing is a soft light plastic, which appears to be fragile to the touch.
The power button is finicky, it tends too want to stick.
There’s no software for the device to install onto a computer. Nothing that will let me monitor the connection from my desktop, only the LED display, that has a lit time of a minute, to save battery life.

Since the device is connected right this moment, I’m going to power off this computer and a take a photo of it, so I can place here. See ya on the other side.


Oh, Hi, there you are.
The signal varies widely, at times I will only have 3G speeds and the fastest 4G LTE.
Not to mention the connection will stay active –but- at times no Internet ability.
Or a complete connection shutdown.

Now, I’m no cell phone expert, however, I know this device technology acts like a cell phone and my location isn’t the ideal place for cell phone coverage (in a cove). With activity such as this, I’m inclined to state, I may have made an error in purchasing the device.

 But, I’m not ready to make this claim as of yet, and will continue to evaluate the device.

Maybe I can boost, hack, and or improve the device with some research and know how.

Stay tuned for my judgment and decision, which will be posted here, when I’m ready to release it.

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