What Firefox Web Browser Can Do For You

When the Mozilla Corporation updated its web browser (Firefox) from version 28 to 29, I stopped using Firefox.
I quickly made the decision due to the inability to use the never ending array of add-ons (extensions and themes) I had once installed.
Among other reasons I’m not going to reveal here in this post.

What I would like to express, I’m now once again a Firefox user.
With many improvements to the latest version release (version 31), Mozilla has gained back a lost user.
And this is why I’m writing this post entry.

Firefox has the best add-on database on the web, it is faster, easier to manage, best of all, Firefox is free.


There is a mission.

Read the Mozilla Manifesto to learn even more about the values and principles that guide the pursuit of our mission.

Add-ons. That is to put it mildly. If you’re not a Firefox user, you may want to give it try.
I can express the ingenuity of this product without prejudice.

Firefox can be downloaded in many languages and your language may be available.
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What can the Firefox web browser do for you?

Do you have a “blog”? The vast array of add-ons can assist you in your blogging needs!

Are you a web developer? The vast array of add-ons can assist you in your web developing needs!

Perhaps you’re an artist; the vast array of add-ons can assist you in your artistic needs!