Why Is This The Last Rainmeter Skin


COMING SOON – This is my last Rainmeter Skin.

OS 8 – Version 1.1 Build 120 – Skin Installer Size: 6.85 MB – Skin Folder Size: 7.84 MB

OS 8_ScreenShot 01c_offline

Full Screen View – Click Image
multi-layouts with skin.

Measures Optimal
Meters compliant
Resources acceptable
Variables inline medium

 I finally have my layout. Rainmeter Skin OS 8.

Created on Windows 7 Pro SP1

Fine tuning was the challenge creating OS 8. I completed its life, 98 percent of the work is surreal.

Oh,  to clear up any mis-understanding –no- its not
the end of
and or any other affiliation of

It’s the end of any further rainmeter skin creation provided
by AST, I’m tired and need to move on.

A gallery of skins are available at the tab “Rainmeter Skins”

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Feeling Lucky – Rainmeter | OS 8 | Variables

the coming OS 8 skin has no release date set, final packaging in progressplease stand by…

OS 8_ScreenShot 01c_offline OS 8_ScreenShot 01b

additional screenshots, OS 8 lo1 w/Orb – offline, online

What do “Clouds” do? – They Dissipate.