Why Is This The Last Rainmeter Skin 2

Its Here.

Rainmeter Skin OS 8, is available.

Thanks Rainmeter world.

I’m tired and need to move on.

OS 8_ScreenShot 01d_online

Fantastic, all good thing’s, must come to end.

Succeeding to spread out and conserve resource power, moderate engine, less heavy.

25% maximum – understanding load, nonsensical language. Meaning in the mind.

Smile – and this is the end. Thanks and friends. –Smile – no more skins –

www.mediafire.com web site

(below is a better version, you may want to grab hold of that one)

Gallery of “AST” rainmeter skins and up top.

OS 8 – Version 1.1 Build 120 – Skin Installer Size: 6.85 MB – Skin Folder Size: 7.84 MB
(see version below)

multi-layouts with skin.
Measures Optimal
Meters compliant
Resources acceptable
Variables inline medium

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Feeling Lucky – Rainmeter | OS 8 | Variables

You might want to grab this version of OS 8, basically it’s the same skin…

OS 8 – Version 1.2 Build 130 – Skin Installer Size: 18.9 MB – Skin Folder Size: 20.6 MB

OS 8_ScreenShot 02a_ OS 8_ScreenShot 02b_ OS 8_ScreenShot 02d_

…with different wallpaper and more interactive functionality. The 8 Orb is with sound effects.

I’m not seeing you right now. I’m trying to find myself. – sir myth ragis