Why OS 8 Wasn’t The Last Rainmeter Skin

OS 10_ScreenShot 01_Online OS 10_ScreenShot 02_Online

OS 10 is why OS 8 wasn’t my last Skin!

After the creation of OS 8, I continued to create a better version of OS 8 and will be releasing
OS 10 soon. OS 10 will include 2 Windows 7 .themepacks, (OS 8 Themepack – OS 10 Themepack) and 2 screensavers,  (ScreenSaverSetup OS 8 1 3.exe – Setup OS 10.exe)

As well as the skin itself and a whole lot of meters.

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* Stay tuned for the release of OS 10 – no release date has been set yet. *

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