Why This Wasn’t The Last Rainmeter Skin

Yup, I did it. I made another Rainmeter skin. Star Trek 4 Desktop-PC is now available.

The holidays came rolling around and I got bored, so I made this rainmeter skin.
After much thought, I may make version five, -but- that decision isn’t set in stone as of yet.

Screenshot_Layout_Low Level Operations_Current

This Star Trek skin isn’t related to any known Star Trek computer console layout.
As this skin was being built it took on this look and feel.

Complete with sound fx badge.
All skins are button activated and deactivated.
Comes with one themepack in the root folder.

Star Trek 4 (Desktop-PC) Version – 4.0 Build 120 / build number is an average based on skin refresh repetitions.

Skin Folder Size: 7.90 MB
Rainmeter Installer Size: 7.46 MB

Screen Resolution: 1280×1024 – dragging and dropping will be required at a higher screen resolution.

With this skin is Star Trek 4 Desktop-PC Screen Saver.exe – File Size – 1.17 MB

Created by
Amerisphere Software Technologies
Art Department

(if you would like to grab the screen saver maker, you can get it )

Grab this skin or visit all of the Rainmeter skins .

AST provides the Wallpaper in all of its skins.

Screenshot_Layout_Full System Operations

Final Layout = ST4_Layout_D-PC_Full System Operations

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