Why Another Rainmeter Skin

Screenshot_It Is One_Simple_Layout Screenshot_It Is One_Full_Layout

It Is One – Version 1

Because I can. Making Rainmeter skins wasn’t something I was born to do. Once I understood
the basic’s of the “lua” code, I knew I could make a skin and be proud of my work.

By far I’m not the best rainmeter skin maker. There are plenty of skin creator’s out there.
You can find some at and . But, before you head over to any
go ahead and grab my skin, , that’s why you’re here, right.

And while you’re here, head on over to my Rainmeter skins for more skins.

If you need to get the Rainmeter software, you can head on over to the Rainmeter
and grab the latest version.

Thanks for your interest. Happy skin creation’s. You can find AST at –

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LUA Code – wiki

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