Where To Find New Computer Technology

Here is 5 new technology announcements made today at The Las Vegas Convention Center
Consumer Electronic Show 2015.

#1 –

For those yearning for an SSD with “no compromises”, there’s Corsair’s Neutron XT. Available in sizes of 256GB ($150), 512GB ($270), and 960GB ($540),…

#2 –

Apple appears to be working towards a thinner and totally redesigned MacBook. A curiously timed report from 9to5Mac, just as the Consumer Electronics Show opens today with lots of thin and light Windows laptops,…

#3 –

DEEPCOOL, a manufacturer of computer chassis, cooling solutions, power supply units, and electronic accessories, has launched its latest computer cases, the PENTOWER and the Tristellar.

#4 –

Patriot has announced the addition of two new flash drives under the Supersonic line, the Supersonic Magnum 2 and Supersonic Rage 2. The Magnum 2 will be available in capacities of 256GB and 512GB giving you as much space in your pocket as many people have in their entire system.

#5 –

Dell’s Alienware machines have never been one for subtlety, prioritizing raw power over fanciful notions like portability.

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