What To Expect From XWidget Version 2.0

Information coming from the XWidget community has flared up a little in recent days.
News of XWidget version 2.0 has been released. Hints indicate XWidget will get a new icon.

Is this XWidgets v2 new iconWill this be the new icon for XWidget?

It is to be expected that version 2.0 will be released this coming March.

Change’s for XWidget appear to be what has been missing from the current version 1.93. A buggy version is no ones want. A 90 percent code improvement is something to get excited about.

Here’s the list of the coming changes:

– Support GPU hardware acceleration, reduces CPU usage, more smooth animation.
– Support 3D layer with smooth animation.
– New UI, more easy to use.
– New scripting engine, lighter and faster.
– New widget editor.
– New Open Architecture: All cores will write by JavaScript Code and be open source,
everyone will be able to create and modify the core’s source code.
– Support embed one widget into another widgets as a component.
– More stability and Faster.
In total there will be more that 90% of the code rewritten to improve the stability of the underlying.


< (screenshot showing spokesperson jimking of XWidget)




Will XWidget keep its release date headline?


< (release date confirmed)




Many at the XWidget forum are eagerly awaiting for the new version, we’ll just have to continue to see if the new version release will arrive on time.

Personally I’m looking forward to the new version. XWidgets potential is something to put faith in. It really can help your desktop enhancement experience.

If you have any interest in learning how to make your own widgets (yes, you can create your own style of widgets, with XWidget) for your personal computer system, you will have to have a little bit of knowledge with “JavaScript Code” (.js, if you are going to create a heavy resource widget.

But, you still can create and or run the default widgets without any .js file.

I tested XWidget with the online virus scanner , over a dozen anti-virus engines
passed the freeware program. However, when I installed it onto my system, AVG detected XWidget as a virus. I allowed the program to install, knowing this was a false positive.

For now what we have is version, you can get it here –
And if you like you can download the Star Trek Starfleet Folder Launcher widget I created for my new collection of personally made widgets.


– Star Trek Starfleet Folder Launcher –

Most issues with XWidget can be answered at the XWidget forum – . Learn more at the forum before you install XWidget.

And, you can link to jimking at deviantart/XWidget community.

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