What Is Thinkr8?

What Is Thinkr8!

Thinkr8 is  _A community of thinkers… Writing…



Thinkr8 is a web service by a community of thinkers, and the thinkers write.
You can join for Free and Write for Free.

Are you really a thinker?
Perhaps you are deep thinking at this moment.
You just want to write and not be distracted by other web annoyances.
Thinkr8 is the place and all the while, once you publish your work, as long as your social media connections are active your work is instantly shared.

Be a Thinkr, and make Thinkr8 go viral.

Someone said, “Your thinking too much” – So I thought more.

Write it!
Right here.

Share it!
Share your work with your Facebook Page and Twitter, Google+, and others.

Your writing for all the world to see don’t contact thinkr8 unless your value in writing is in order.

As Founder/Managing Director of Thinkr8, I must reveal the truth about thinkr8.
Honestly, at this time Thinkr8 is a “concept”. However, it is going under developement as I write this revealing Information. I”m a deep thinker, always have been. I created this site (AST) back in 2010-2012 – At one time AST was its own Dot Com. Anyway, I’m not writing to talk about AST. Thinkr8 is coming.
The Internet’s most social widely used outlet for writer’s.

If you’re an Author, Writer, Amateur Writer (skilled), Freelance Writer, Poetry Writer, or a writer of thing’s, it doesn’t matter. What matter’s is you want to share your work with everyone. Or set your work to private. Thinkr8 is the place for you. You will be able to upload images and add them to your work. Thinkr8 knows they’re a lot of serious writer’s and wannabe writer’s out there. Be a Thinkr and let everyone know what type of writer you really are. We all know how writing can be fun and sometimes troubling. (*) With out writing, we wouldn’t have language, and with out langauge we wouldn’t have writing. (*)

Thinkr8 is in its beta stage and will grow and get better as the member’s will be the strength of Thinkr8. Thinkr8 is committed to provide this outlet (powered by WordPress) for writer’s that don’t want to mess with the creation of a Blog. Perhaps you already have a blog, using the WordPress platform. That’s great, connecting to Thinkr8 will be easy for those who do. Member’s will have to learn the WordPress Desktop Editor however. The editor is simple and easy to use.

And, yes, there is a WordPress Mobile App.

No Thinkr8 isn’t like Facebook. Thinkr8 is for writer’s. Skilled writer’s.

Serious writing is the only thing that may stand in your way.
If you wouldn’t be writing to show your skill, then Thinkr8 isn’t for you.

Thinkr8 will have a Top Thinkr` picked every month, by how many likes and comments they receive from their writing’s. Top Thinkr will get the Top Thinkr slot at the end of each month.

This is just a sample of what Thinkr8 could become. Sure they’re other writer communities on the Internet. I could guide you to one right now -link is at bottom of post-
Thinkr8 could become more that just another platform for writers.
Thinkr8 can progress into a world-wide community of writers, working together to produce the most mind-blowing, blockbuster story of all time. Who knows, right?

Anything is possible.

I know, right!

Please take a moment and consider making a donation to the further developement of Thinkr8 – https://www.gofundme.com/2rkcmbzb

Thinkr8 is already active on Twitter you can follow or just have a peek here – Thinkr8

Thinkr8.com is now live. But in redesign.
(*) – obviously I was thinking in other worldly terms, I had the thought, it sounded good at the time, so I wrote it down.