Wintrol 5

This day, January the first 2017 I have made some improvements to Wintrol version 5.
However, the work to continue isn’t important to do so anytime soon.
In others words, I have no idea if Wintrol will ever have a new release updated version

If you would like to see the Wintrol improvements, all you gotta do is fire off an email. – use the Subject Matter: improve wintrol…

Thank you.

This is Wintrol Control Panel Utility +

Wintrol may be just what you need to take control of windows control panel options, services, and tools.
Works on Windows Vista/Seven/8/8.1
All the information about Wintrol is in the help documents supplied with the Wintrol Installer.

Wintrol 5_page_01_2015
Wintrol 5_page_02_2015 Wintrol 5_page_03_2015 Wintrol 5_page_04_2015
Wintrol 5_page_05_2015 Wintrol 5_page_07_2015 Wintrol 5_page_06_2015

By clicking on an image thumbnail, you can get a better view of Wintrol.

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Download Here


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