Where Is Amerisphere Software Technologies?

_ Still here.

Much has been going on over the last few months. It became increasingly difficult to sit at my desk and work. Though I am grateful you haven’t left me, “Thank you”.

At this time I can not say when I’ll be working at my desk -but- when I do, there will be some change’s. Time to deflate the purpose of this web service. I’ve been feeling it for awhile now, and have found it to be necessary for a higher performing web service.

Style and look will change, use ability will be smoother.

So, to be able to get to it. by 12-31-16 – 12-28-17 – Stay tuned, no really, hang in there for me please. After the change’s are done, I’ll be back.

However, spurts of the progress may be revealed as they are implemented.

Thank you.


How To Celebrate 50 Years Of Star Trek

50 years of Star Trek and I found myself making this rainmeter skin.
So to celebartae this milestone I release this Star Trek skin, my contribution to 50 years of Star Trek.

System_PC_Star Trek Rainmeter Skin
System-PC – NCC-1701-E

Skin Folder Size: 21.3 MB

Rainmeter Installer Size: 7.02 MB

Screen Resolution: 1280×1024 and 1280×1024 – dragging and dropping will be required at a higher screen resolution.

AST provides the Wallpaper in all of its skins.

Additional Info about this skin:

The numbered buttons have dots due to their function needed grabbers.
Button Tool tips are provided.
46.9% is a bit high – low powered CPU systems may have difficulties running this design. (rainmeter skin)
Aimp Playing, Image’s, RSS, Speed fan, Time & Date, and Weather all have their own button.

A complete list of all files with-in this skin are located in the Info folder – \Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\ST_TNG\Info\File List.txt

Mods are allowed. However, if you make any improvements will you please let me know so I can implement them into the original skin.
Thank you. Just email me at amerisphere@gmx.com

Download Here

AST Location @ Customize.org = http://customize.org/AST

AST – at customize.org = http://customize.org/screenshots/65803611



Facebook releases 360-degree vid of Grand Central

Facebook is showing us the future.

The social media giant just released a stunning 360-degree video of Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal. The three-minute clip allows viewers to mouse around to look in all directions inside the 42nd Street train stop.

It’s the first 360 video that Facebook has produced and filmed using the new Surround 360 camera. You can tilt your phone to experience different moments happening around you in the terminal. Turn up the sound to know where to look. It’s a preview of what a full-length virtual reality movie will feel like. Instead of watching the action, you’ll be right in the middle of it.

360-degree video of Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal.
360-degree video of Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal.

Link here to see in desktop browser. However, 360 Video wouldn’t play in Firefox variant Cyberfox v 46.0.3

Officially called “Here and Now,” the video was made for Samsung and Oculus VR headsets, according to The Verge — but you can kind of get the idea by playing on your phone or browser and mousing around the see more of the station.



A hacker is selling 167 million LinkedIn user records


A hacker is trying to sell a database dump containing account records for 167 million LinkedIn users.

Called TheRealDeal by a user who wants 5 bitcoins, or around $2,200, for the data set that supposedly contains user IDs, email addresses and SHA1 password hashes for 167,370,940 users.

The data was said to be posted on an online Russian hacker forum.

According to the sale ad, the dump does not cover LinkedIn’s complete database.

Source: A hacker is selling 167 million LinkedIn user records



Here’s what you should know before today’s Google I/O conference — Re/code

Expect a peek at Mountain View’s answer to the Amazon Echo.

via Here’s what you should know before today’s Google I/O conference — Re/code

“We are moving to a world where smart, interactive machines surround us — our homes, cars, offices and (of course) phones. Google wants to be there; that’s Google’s bread and butter.”



What’s The In-Ear Device That Translates Foreign Languages In Real Time

Most of us have found ourselves in the awkward situation of trying to communicate in a foreign language. But thanks to a new translation device that neatly fits into your ear, the days of struggling to speak the local lingo might soon be a thing of the past.

The Pilot system and Waverly Labs is the company behind this brilliantly simple yet potentially groundbreaking idea. When it hits the shelves in September, the system will allow the wearer to understand one of several foreign languages through real-time in-ear translation.

The Pilot at Waverly Labs here.

Early bird will be first come first serve. A limited quantity will go for $129, then another round for $149, and then a few more Late Early Bird options for $179+. Signup herehttps://www.indiegogo.com/projects/meet-the-pilot-smart-earpiece-language-translator/coming_soon



When Is Apple’s iPhone7 Being Released

Apple’s iPhone

Economic Daily News is reporting that Apple suppliers have begun hiring en-masse this month as they prepare for assembly of Apple’s upcoming flagship iPhone, the iPhone 7. The new iPhones (coming in 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch sizes) are expected to debut in the fall, following tradition. The report comes via CNBC. Interestingly, the report notes that the surge in hiring…

via Report: Apple suppliers ramp hiring earlier than usual, assembling ‘more complex’ iPhone 7 design — 9to5Mac