What is the mystery of Google’s barges off U.S. coast?

Floating barges near Treasure Island has people wondering.


A patent filed by Google in 2007, suggest they might be water-based data centers.
The barges, each carrying a large, modular looking structure about 40 feet wide and 70 to 80 feet long, have been moved into and docked in harbors in San Francisco and Portland, Maine.
Speculation has been fueled by how hard everyone around the projects is working.
A Portland Coast Guard station spokesman, said
“We know it’s not a threat to public safety here in Portland.

The barge docked in San Francisco, is registered as BAL 0010, and the barge in Portland is registered as BAL 0011. More likely these will be moved around to provide localized support or backup as needed ,you can use water for cooling and there are a number of creative ways to get energy,
said Rob Enderle, an analyst at Enderle Group.

Multiple requests for information on the barges have gone un-answered by Google.
The construction company working on the barge in Maine and the Portland Harbormaster are tight lipped about the barges as well.

The barge in San Francisco would be one of a dozen data centers worldwide.
An independent marine engineer, says Google wants to build a backup data center in the event of a natural disaster.


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