Where Is Amerisphere Software Technologies?

_ Still here.

Much has been going on over the last few months. It became increasingly difficult to sit at my desk and work. Though I am grateful you haven’t left me, “Thank you”.

At this time I can not say when I’ll be working at my desk -but- when I do, there will be some change’s. Time to deflate the purpose of this web service. I’ve been feeling it for awhile now, and have found it to be necessary for a higher performing web service.

Style and look will change, use ability will be smoother.

So, to be able to get to it. by 12-31-16 – 12-28-17 – Stay tuned, no really, hang in there for me please. After the change’s are done, I’ll be back.

However, spurts of the progress may be revealed as they are implemented.

Thank you.


Is This The List of Upcoming Change’s to Internet Explorer

Answering a query from a user on Microsoft Connect, someone on the IE team responded to a bug report by saying “Thanks for the feedback. We’re making substantial changes to the UI, we’ll keep this in mind. Best Regards, The Internet Explorer Team.”

For a more extensive list on upcoming features you can
check out this list.

Internet Explorer 12 may bring substantial UI changes. At least, that’s what a response from the IE team is hinting at, but nothing has been shown off publicly just yet.

ScreenShot 056


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Feeling Lucky – Internet Explorer | Answering a query