Green Screen of Death Now in Windows 10 For Insider’s

Windows 10 testers will now get a Green Screen of Death – The Verge – The Verge

Beta News Windows 10 testers will now get a Green Screen of Death – Windows’ infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is turning a shade of green for Windows 10 testers soon. A leaked preview build of Windows 10 (build 14997).ᅠIt’s not clear why Microsoft has picked green over blue for its Windows 10 Insider builds, but Hoekstra confirms this new color scheme is only for preview participants. It’s likely that Microsoft wants to distinguish between genuine BSOD issues and problems and crashes that are more likely to occur during the testing of Windows 10 builds.

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How To Celebrate 50 Years Of Star Trek

50 years of Star Trek and I found myself making this rainmeter skin.
So to celebartae this milestone I release this Star Trek skin, my contribution to 50 years of Star Trek.

System_PC_Star Trek Rainmeter Skin

System-PC – NCC-1701-E

Skin Folder Size: 21.3 MB

Rainmeter Installer Size: 7.02 MB

Screen Resolution: 1280×1024 and 1280×1024 – dragging and dropping will be required at a higher screen resolution.

AST provides the Wallpaper in all of its skins.

Additional Info about this skin:

The numbered buttons have dots due to their function needed grabbers.
Button Tool tips are provided.
46.9% is a bit high – low powered CPU systems may have difficulties running this design. (rainmeter skin)
Aimp Playing, Image’s, RSS, Speed fan, Time & Date, and Weather all have their own button.

A complete list of all files with-in this skin are located in the Info folder – \Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\ST_TNG\Info\File List.txt

Mods are allowed. However, if you make any improvements will you please let me know so I can implement them into the original skin.
Thank you. Just email me at

Download Here

AST Location @ =

AST – at =


Window Blinds For Windows 10

Skin your Windows® desktop interface with WindowBlinds™

Key Features

Apply custom skins to your desktop
Add backgrounds, textures and colors to skins
Choose your own skin fonts
Design your own skins with SkinStudio

How To Add More Colors To Windows 10 + 8.1 …

… and thicken the windows borders.

If your like me (many aren’t), and your running the new Microsoft operating system (OS) Windows 10
-but- want more color options in PC Settings/Personalization/Colors and would like to have wider window borders, then Winaero Tweaker is the free portable program you want.

Screenshot_005_2016With Winaero Tweaker there are many tweaks you can implement to get the added features you want in your OS.

I’m using it right now and I’m happy I found it.
Not only did I add more colors, I added a custom font
(Digital TFF) to the window titles, file explorer, the status bar,
and the context menu, plus thickened the windows borders. However, the custom font didn’t initiate for the context menu.

[By the way if you haven’t done the free upgrade to Windows 10, I suggest you do so now. The OS is running much better now then when it was first released six months ago. With six months left to take
advantage of the free upgrade offer, otherwise you’ll have to dish out $199.99 for Windows 10.


Screenshot_003_2016< Adding more colors to Windows 8.1 + 10


< Widening windows borders.





Winaero Tweaker is a portable application and does not require to be installed.
Plans to merge other winaero tools with Winaero Tweaker are being talked about. Winaero Tweaker is freeware. Winaero Tweaker – universal tweaker software which supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

To learn more about Winaero Tweaker visit the web site.

Winaero web site is . Winaero Tweaker is . Direct download for Winaero Tweaker .


What To Expect From XWidget Version 2.0

Information coming from the XWidget community has flared up a little in recent days.
News of XWidget version 2.0 has been released. Hints indicate XWidget will get a new icon.

Is this XWidgets v2 new iconWill this be the new icon for XWidget?

It is to be expected that version 2.0 will be released this coming March.

Change’s for XWidget appear to be what has been missing from the current version 1.93. A buggy version is no ones want. A 90 percent code improvement is something to get excited about.

Here’s the list of the coming changes:

– Support GPU hardware acceleration, reduces CPU usage, more smooth animation.
– Support 3D layer with smooth animation.
– New UI, more easy to use.
– New scripting engine, lighter and faster.
– New widget editor.
– New Open Architecture: All cores will write by JavaScript Code and be open source,
everyone will be able to create and modify the core’s source code.
– Support embed one widget into another widgets as a component.
– More stability and Faster.
In total there will be more that 90% of the code rewritten to improve the stability of the underlying.


< (screenshot showing spokesperson jimking of XWidget)




Will XWidget keep its release date headline?


< (release date confirmed)




Many at the XWidget forum are eagerly awaiting for the new version, we’ll just have to continue to see if the new version release will arrive on time.

Personally I’m looking forward to the new version. XWidgets potential is something to put faith in. It really can help your desktop enhancement experience.

If you have any interest in learning how to make your own widgets (yes, you can create your own style of widgets, with XWidget) for your personal computer system, you will have to have a little bit of knowledge with “JavaScript Code” (.js, if you are going to create a heavy resource widget.

But, you still can create and or run the default widgets without any .js file.

I tested XWidget with the online virus scanner , over a dozen anti-virus engines
passed the freeware program. However, when I installed it onto my system, AVG detected XWidget as a virus. I allowed the program to install, knowing this was a false positive.

For now what we have is version, you can get it here –
And if you like you can download the Star Trek Starfleet Folder Launcher widget I created for my new collection of personally made widgets.


– Star Trek Starfleet Folder Launcher –

Most issues with XWidget can be answered at the XWidget forum – . Learn more at the forum before you install XWidget.

And, you can link to jimking at deviantart/XWidget community.

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WiTricity demos wireless laptop charging at CES 2016

Look for WiTricity-equipped laptops from Dell and other OEMs this year.

Source: WiTricity demos wireless laptop charging at CES 2016 | PCWorld

Video at source.

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Starfleet Pendant Launcher V 1.0

Download Here – Mediafire or Here

Starfleet Pendant Launcher V 1.0

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