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How To: Remember Windows Desktop Gadgets?

Remember the desktop gadgets for Windows operating systems?
They’re still available online if you would like to have them back on your computer.
For the purpose of this article I have installed and tested Desktop Gadgets Reviver version 2. I’ve been running the test for about 2 months now and have found no issue’s with the gadgets. There hasn’t been any unwanted activity (network) with the gadgets or the installer.

Windows users who are missing the desktop gadgets feature in Windows 8/8.1/10 can now download a free software called Desktop Gadgets Reviver.

Desktop Gadgets Reviver version 2

Once Desktop Gadgets pack is installed, it will automatically open Gadgets window that we’re familiar with.

You can drag one gadget at a time from this window onto the desktop area to add it to your desktop. The beauty of this gadgets pack is that you can download close to 1000 gadgets by clicking on get more gadgets online link. See image:

How To: Remember Windows Desktop Gadgets?

During my google search for Windows desktop gadgets I came across a website called At that site I was impressed with the look of their free gadgets, so I downloaded a few of them.

The most popular, most sought-after and highest-rated gadgets are here at addgadgets.
All of their gadgets are 100% free for use.

Out of all the gadgets on their website I like the network meter the most.
This gadget let’s you keep in touch with your smartphones hotspot data.
In my case I have 10 gigabytes of hotspot data allowed every month.
By inserting that information into the network meter gadget I can keep track of the data consumption I’m using on my desktop computer in real-time.

gadgets/windows/desktop Network Meter

If you’re like me and don’t have home Internet (for some reason) and you use your phones hotspot data on your desktop computer then this gadget will help you.

I trust it completely and have not noticed any unwanted activity by using it.

By doing a Google search for desktop gadgets revived you can learn a lot about getting the Windows desktop gadgets back onto your system.

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What is the mystery of Google’s barges off U.S. coast?

Floating barges near Treasure Island has people wondering.


A patent filed by Google in 2007, suggest they might be water-based data centers.
The barges, each carrying a large, modular looking structure about 40 feet wide and 70 to 80 feet long, have been moved into and docked in harbors in San Francisco and Portland, Maine.
Speculation has been fueled by how hard everyone around the projects is working.
A Portland Coast Guard station spokesman, said
“We know it’s not a threat to public safety here in Portland.

The barge docked in San Francisco, is registered as BAL 0010, and the barge in Portland is registered as BAL 0011. More likely these will be moved around to provide localized support or backup as needed ,you can use water for cooling and there are a number of creative ways to get energy,
said Rob Enderle, an analyst at Enderle Group.

Multiple requests for information on the barges have gone un-answered by Google.
The construction company working on the barge in Maine and the Portland Harbormaster are tight lipped about the barges as well.

The barge in San Francisco would be one of a dozen data centers worldwide.
An independent marine engineer, says Google wants to build a backup data center in the event of a natural disaster.


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