Do You Want To Know What I Know About Facebook – Then Read This.

I’ll probably have some people get upset with me, and for that I apologize.

I realized -but- haven’t fully accepted, I can’t regulate how people use their Fb account.
(By the way, back in 2010 in the Facebook Terms Of Service agreement, Fb forbidden its user’s -us- to use their name Facebook, Fb, etc,… in post we make, I don’t know if it has changed, and I’m not going to find out if it has)

The only thing I can do from my end is give you tips and suggestion’s on how you can improve your user experience, and even then you have the right to ignore any I may make.

I’ve come to know some people get confused with a Fb post. The reason for that confusion is all over Fb. It happen’s everywhere. People’s personal account, groups, fan page’s, and business page’s, etc,… Most of the time the confusion is the result of people not reading the entire comment’s and or replies other make. Nor will they link to the source of the topic and read that source, but will proceed to comment anyway, thus putting themselves in a position of attack by other’s, therefore creating a spirit of human nastiness. As far as myself reading the entire thread of a post I don’t have to. I can read the post headline, head on over to the source, read the content, read a few comments back over in the Fb thread, and make my comment if I so think it’s worthy for me to do so.

I’ve been using Fb mainly from my desktop computer for over 9 years. Most people use Fb from their smart phone, because they are always on the go, even when they sit at home they still prefer to use their smartphone. For me I find using social media on my smartphone frustrating and therefore I refrain from using social media as much as I would at home.

As you may know, social media such as Fb isn’t so kind to us, and it can be a great blessing. Sure everybody loves getting attention. I prefer calling it being engaged. Engagement is the number one priority for those of us that have fan page’s or a business page. It’s not just me that desire’s engagement, every business in Fb does. If they don’t get an engaging audience, then it indicate’s their failing at that business within Fb. And not getting the support from the public is a no-no.

Again, I can’t get everybody to like this or that. And if someone does like this or that and not engage, so what good is a like. Well, the like’s do matter even if you don’t engage because the creator of a fan page’s is given more control over that page.

Anyway, I’d like to say, I’m a members of about 10 tech groups. I follow those groups mainly to learn more about computer’s. And believe you me, the young over there are way more knowledgable, they will throw out computers terms I have no idea what they mean, which force’s me to Google or Bing, because I usually don’t want to start that human nastiness effect or face any humility.

Yesterday, two or three day’s Fb post get a Pftt from me most of the time. Not because of the content, because it’s basically old news. But, they are still active even after a few day’s. I periodically go to the most recent’s post, and it provide’s me with the ability to react among the first. Fb needs to make a slider in the smart phone app so the most recent’s stay on most recent’s even after I/We close the app. As well as in a web browser running on desktop/laptops. Even then it probably wouldn’t work, unless the algorithm is written with a restriction line of code.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo anyway, it’s still hard to accept my on-line endeavor’s have not been supported the way I feel they should be. I’m trying to come to terms with it. But, I truly fail to understand as to why. Sure life has passed me by, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have the drive to make up for that lost time by having on-line endeavor’s to incur monetary fund’s. I know we all are struggling to stay afloat in this time period we are in. I also know people are showing great compassion all over the world. And some make a sacrifice with alternative motive’s, which I fail to understand. Guess I’ll have to chalk that up as human nature.
(you do for me, I’ll do for you type scenario)

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Thanks everybody.

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Facebook is going to let publishers start charging readers to view stories.

I consider this to be “BAD NEWS” for those of us that are struggling to make a living in this ever increasing world of stupidity. This new service will affect every user of the Facebook platform.

“The social network has started briefing publishers on the forthcoming subscription service and hopes to start testing it by October, according to a person familiar with the matter. – Facebook is currently telling publishers they’ll be able to show at least 10 free articles per month before the paywall kicks in.”

Source link is at the end of this article, for more about this breaking news.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not always the sharper tool in the shed -but- if I’m understanding this correctly, if you want to go to a link of a media outlet (TV media, on-line Newspaper) you will have to pay a fee. This is bad news.

Or if I’m understanding this as – since I have two website’s ( and two Fb page’s linking to those websites, and you the reader here in Fb see my post from any one of my Fb page’s and want to link to the website article, you’ll have to pay a fee to me. And if that’s the case, then “Great” I would start to make on-line money. Cause as it stands now, you don’t (yes, some have, thank you) support my on-line endeavor’s. Having said that, if the latter is correct then I’m all for the up and coming new subscription service.

Another funny thing I noticed about this news – I googled it, and there were no links to any tech sites, (Tech Crunch, PCWorld, C|Net, Computerworld, etc.) only local tv station across the states. Weird, very weird.


Click here for: Facebook Exec Campbell Brown: We Are Launching a News Subscription Product.

Facebook threatens LinkedIn with job opening features — via TechCrunch

Facebook might muscle-in on LinkedIn’s recruiting business with ways for business Pages to promote job listings. The new Jobs features could give companies another reason to drive traffic to their Facebook Page beyond marketing their products in the News Feed, while also allowing them to pay the social network to get their open position in…

via Facebook threatens LinkedIn with job opening features — TechCrunch


Facebook releases 360-degree vid of Grand Central

Facebook is showing us the future.

The social media giant just released a stunning 360-degree video of Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal. The three-minute clip allows viewers to mouse around to look in all directions inside the 42nd Street train stop.

It’s the first 360 video that Facebook has produced and filmed using the new Surround 360 camera. You can tilt your phone to experience different moments happening around you in the terminal. Turn up the sound to know where to look. It’s a preview of what a full-length virtual reality movie will feel like. Instead of watching the action, you’ll be right in the middle of it.

360-degree video of Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal.

360-degree video of Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal.

Link here to see in desktop browser. However, 360 Video wouldn’t play in Firefox variant Cyberfox v 46.0.3

Officially called “Here and Now,” the video was made for Samsung and Oculus VR headsets, according to The Verge — but you can kind of get the idea by playing on your phone or browser and mousing around the see more of the station.


Streaming Media Service – to Develop Adult Content for “Virtual Reality”

SugarDVD is currently attempting to develop new, interactive adult content for virtual reality technology (or VR). Since the acquisition of the Oculus Rift by media giant Facebook, the adult entertainment industry has been abuzz with plans to integrate VR and pornography.

SugarDVD is calling for subscribers to enroll in the unlimited streaming adult service as soon as possible in order to become entered in a pool of potential beta media tester…


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What’s Privacy compliance for big data systems automated: Search engine code is moving target that eludes manual audits

Web services companies, such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft, all make promises about how they will use personal information they gather. Scientists have now automated the method to ensure that large codebases are operating in compliance with those promises and has deployed a prototype automated system on the data analytics pipeline of Bing, Microsoft’s search engine.

Source: Carnegie Mellon University

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