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How To: Remember Windows Desktop Gadgets?

Remember the desktop gadgets for Windows operating systems?
They’re still available online if you would like to have them back on your computer.
For the purpose of this article I have installed and tested Desktop Gadgets Reviver version 2. I’ve been running the test for about 2 months now and have found no issue’s with the gadgets. There hasn’t been any unwanted activity (network) with the gadgets or the installer.

Windows users who are missing the desktop gadgets feature in Windows 8/8.1/10 can now download a free software called Desktop Gadgets Reviver.

Desktop Gadgets Reviver version 2

Once Desktop Gadgets pack is installed, it will automatically open Gadgets window that we’re familiar with.

You can drag one gadget at a time from this window onto the desktop area to add it to your desktop. The beauty of this gadgets pack is that you can download close to 1000 gadgets by clicking on get more gadgets online link. See image:

How To: Remember Windows Desktop Gadgets?

During my google search for Windows desktop gadgets I came across a website called At that site I was impressed with the look of their free gadgets, so I downloaded a few of them.

The most popular, most sought-after and highest-rated gadgets are here at addgadgets.
All of their gadgets are 100% free for use.

Out of all the gadgets on their website I like the network meter the most.
This gadget let’s you keep in touch with your smartphones hotspot data.
In my case I have 10 gigabytes of hotspot data allowed every month.
By inserting that information into the network meter gadget I can keep track of the data consumption I’m using on my desktop computer in real-time.

gadgets/windows/desktop Network Meter

If you’re like me and don’t have home Internet (for some reason) and you use your phones hotspot data on your desktop computer then this gadget will help you.

I trust it completely and have not noticed any unwanted activity by using it.

By doing a Google search for desktop gadgets revived you can learn a lot about getting the Windows desktop gadgets back onto your system.

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How To Add More Colors To Windows 10 + 8.1 …

… and thicken the windows borders.

If your like me (many aren’t), and your running the new Microsoft operating system (OS) Windows 10
-but- want more color options in PC Settings/Personalization/Colors and would like to have wider window borders, then Winaero Tweaker is the free portable program you want.

Screenshot_005_2016With Winaero Tweaker there are many tweaks you can implement to get the added features you want in your OS.

I’m using it right now and I’m happy I found it.
Not only did I add more colors, I added a custom font
(Digital TFF) to the window titles, file explorer, the status bar,
and the context menu, plus thickened the windows borders. However, the custom font didn’t initiate for the context menu.

[By the way if you haven’t done the free upgrade to Windows 10, I suggest you do so now. The OS is running much better now then when it was first released six months ago. With six months left to take
advantage of the free upgrade offer, otherwise you’ll have to dish out $199.99 for Windows 10.


Screenshot_003_2016< Adding more colors to Windows 8.1 + 10


< Widening windows borders.





Winaero Tweaker is a portable application and does not require to be installed.
Plans to merge other winaero tools with Winaero Tweaker are being talked about. Winaero Tweaker is freeware. Winaero Tweaker – universal tweaker software which supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

To learn more about Winaero Tweaker visit the web site.

Winaero web site is . Winaero Tweaker is . Direct download for Winaero Tweaker .



Who Is Amerisphere Software Technologies

From the desk of Gary M. Smith:AST_Me3

Yup, it’s the real me.

I thought its time to introduce myself. I am Gary Michael Smith.
Creator of Amerisphere Software Technologies (this web site).
I’m all over the Internet.
You can find my public social media accounts at nearly all the top web companies the Internet has to offer (links are at the end of this introduction).

I began pounding on the keyboard in 1999. Since that time, the technological knowledge of a computer
still can elude me. Having the ability to upgrade and troubleshoot nearly any machine, there is always
that one, the one which can reset all of the knowledge as if it wasn’t there.

And believe you me, it recently happened.

Case in point – the “System Administrator” was highjacked on this machine.

If you have and or currently experiencing this behavior, the best fix for it, is to re-install the entire
”Operating System” (OS). I’ll be honest, I was disappointed in myself, I wasn’t able to repair the highjacked machine for the unfortunate recipient.

After much research and troubleshooting the consensus rendered resulted in no fix.
The new “OS” wasn’t present. Oh, well. Until the day is here.

I quickly recovered and moved on to access my brains memory banks to get back any lost information
from the reset action which had occurred.

-step forward-

You know I came up with the solution after all. A clean install of the “OS” will and always is the best fix.

In 1999 my attraction to know computers was all consuming. I couldn’t get enough.
I had to know how a .gif worked, I had to know what memory (RAM) was, I had to know what was inside
an internal hard drive (HDD). So, I busted one. Took it apart and was amazed to see the deep impression made on the platter (disk surface). After may hours of focusing my attention towards the mechanical device and reading, I was now familiar with the basics on how a hard drive functioned.

To prevent this article from becoming very lengthy, let’s take another -step forward-

In the web of the world, “free” became my direction. I needed free program’s (computer software) to optimize my computer and fix any potential problems that may be slowing down the hardware and any file confusion with-in the “OS”.

What it boils down to –is- free.
I’m running this web site for free. It is my intention to give a free service (selective service) to the Internet. All technology news worth providing, if you follow me on twitter your company may be endorsed for free, via twitter. Software updates are important at all times, if I know of them, I will inform you via twitter. But, please keep in mind, I’m away from the computer often and may not post for hours. I’m currently working on a fix for that.

So, anyway. Here are the other places you can find me:

| | | | Google+ | | | Reddit | |

”Out of the no where and into the here”.

Feeling Lucky – System Administrator | Operating System | Free Software


How To Take A Screenshot Of Your Log On Screen

It is the handy little program Win 7_Login_Screen_Camera. Only 473 KB in size.

I wasn’t looking for this program –per-say- searching a long list of freeware products on the
, when it appeared in the list, I was immediately attracted to it and knew I had to give it a try.

mylogonscreen Click screenshot for larger view.

Taking a screenshot of my log on screen wasn’t something I had to do or die. I thought it would be fun,
and a way to show off my genuine customized log on tweak.

So I downloaded the portable version

HowToSnapLogOn of Win 7_Login_Camera_Installer.exe

How It Works:

It replaces the Utilman.exe that resides in the
%/Windows/system32 folder. Fear not, as you can see in the
screenshot you can remove the modification at any time
with the remove button.

So anyway, once the modification is complete, reboot your computer and when at the log on screen,
click on the “Ease of Access” button at the lower left corner, the Win 7_Login_Screen_Camera
will pop up and ask you to take the screenshot. After doing so, you will be given the option to
save the .bmp to anywhere you like.

Win 7_Login_Screen_Camera worked on my system (Windows 7 Pro 32bit) without any trouble and when I removed the modification, Utilman.exe reverted back to its original state.

If you want to take a screenshot of your log on screen, head over to here to the program.
Or you can try this direct download link .

Have Fun!

NOTE: Win 7_Login_Camera_Installer.exe isn’t malware and is free from any other unwanted content.

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Feeling Lucky: Log Ons | Screen Camera

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Aldous Huxley

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What Is GoTD


What is GoTD?

Giveaway of The Day!

A well established initiative in the software distribution world. Every day they offer FREE licensed software you’d have to buy otherwise!

Giveaway of the day has been serving its visitors for more than 5 years and over those years they’ve built a huge fanbase that returns to their website over and over again. Many attempts to make a quick buck and copycat them has failed so they are the one and the only such service available online. It takes time and effort to build a solid reputation and they’ve put forth both to reach nowadays popularity of their website.

Every day they present hot software titles and best software authors from all over the world.
Also, for game giveaways check out Game Giveaway of the Day.

| | |

about Giveaway of The Day is easy, just place their ticker on your web site.

Also check out their

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Quote of the Day:
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How To Optimize Your Computer For Free

Toolwiz Care version

I’ve installed and tested a lot of computer system optimization programs over the last 10 years, some trial (shareware) like TuneUp Utilities, Advanced System Care, Windows 7 Manager, -but- mostly free (freeware) software products. Having said that, brings me to why this article (review) is being written, Toolwiz Care…

Toolwiz Care Install UI Toolwiz Care Main Page

What is Toolwiz Care?

ToolWiz Care is a set of free-of-charge tools designed to speed up your PC and give your system a full range of care. With multi-functional optimization suite, this software provides a collection of tools that includes System Check-up, System Clean-up, System Speed-up, System Fix-up, System Back-up, System Startup Optimizer, System Virtualization and other 50+ powerful built-in utilities to enhance PC performance, security, and to optimize PC system boot-up. ToolWiz guarantees users that their software will stay free-of-charge. This tool suite is designed for all levels of PC users, from beginners to experts. ToolWiz Care is totally different from a big number of scarewares in the current market. Those scarewares always prompt you with many “errors” they have seemingly “found ” in your system and ask you to pay for their PRO version in order to fix those endless “errors”. At ToolWiz Software, they are there to help you solve some real problems. ToolWiz Care is completely free-of-charge for both home and commercial users. You do not need to pay a single dime for the product and service. Also, there is no restricted feature at all while using ToolWiz Care. What you should do is just enjoy the faster system and sharing your satisfaction with your friends.

…I didn’t install the program, I chose to run it in portable mode for testing, I ran the “Start Checkup” feature, Toolwiz Care did a scan of my system just like any other optimization program would.
Registry check, disk check, privacy check, security check. “Security Check”?
Well, that’s new. The security check feature, scanned to see if, Remote Desktop, IE Version,
Cookie Immunization, Regedit was locked, etc,. The results on the security check showed that they were all good. So I have no idea what Toolwiz Care would have done
to fix them had I had a listing of Bad or Poor.

The “Cleanup” tab showed what the startup check had found, the “Speedup” tab reveals a Fast Defrag feature, Startup Optimizer, Startup Report, and System Optimizer. The startup report is useful if you want to be informed about what and how long it takes for your system to boot.
My system “Boot Time” is 51 seconds. I think this rate could be better. In the System optimizer section the engine said it found 20 items that should be optimized. I thought, hey wait a minute, Advanced System Care 7 Pro has already done this to my system. What the heck, I chose to optimize with Toolwiz Care knowing I could revert back with ASC 7 Pro if need be.
The screenshot below shows a short list of what needed to be optimized. Before optimizing, Toolwiz Care made a registry backup.

Toolwiz Care System Optimizer

However I don’t know where it stored the backup, so I went searching for it. Didn’t take me long to find it at C:\Users\Amerisphere\AppData\Local\ToolwizCareFree\RegistryBackup\41589.4502132755.regzip.
Toolwiz Care stored everything here needed to run in portable mode.
And there is a UninstallToolwizCare.exe as well.

I resumed my testing, skipped the Security tab and went straight for the Tools tab. Tools consisted of, Basic Tools, Advanced Tools, and Super Tools. In super tools I chose “Repair Network”.
The tool revealed 6 network plugins (by Microsoft) and said I could remove them to fix my damaged network. I removed none.

Toolwiz Care Network UI Image

I suggest you don’t remove any files created by Microsoft from the \system32 folder.
They are placed there so your computer “OS” will run properly. Until you know more about why Toolwiz Care is recommending that these plugins (files) can be removed, don’t do it.
Regardless of the backup plugins feature.

At the “Apps Manager” tab, this section gives you detailed information of all programs installed in your system and the option to uninstall any of them.

Running the optimization features of Toolwiz Care resulted in no message,
“You must restart your computer for the new settings to take effect”.
I saved all my work, shutdown Firefox and restarted my system anyway.
After the computer restarted and everything was loaded, I quickly opened Toolwiz Care -again- in portable mode, I went straight to the “Speedup” tab / “Startup Report” checked my boot time, the result was 2 minutes and 23 seconds. That can’t be right, I said.
My boot time should have been improved -not- worse. So I scrolled down the list of components that load at system start, The report listed toolwizcare.exe took 2 mins, 12 secs to load, starting toolwizcare.exe after everything else loaded should not have been included in the boot time results, toolwizcare.exe didn’t start at windows start time, cause I manually started the program.

Anyway, if your like me and like to have free software that does a lot of improvement to your computer, then go ahead and give Toolwiz Care a try, I claim it is safe and free from unwanted behavior.

I questioned the “Time Freeze” function of Toolwiz Care, so I installed the program onto my system, rebooted my computer, started Toolwiz Care and activated Time Freeze. Be careful with Time Freeze, as the description says (see screenshot) you will lose any savings and or new settings you may have implemented while in Time Freeze mode. I tried it and I did lose a section of this review after I had engaged Time Freeze and unexpectedly had to restart my computer due to an unrelated cause.

Toolwiz Care Time Freeze Image

One more thing I should cover about Toolwiz Care. Since I first tested Toolwiz Care in portable mode and then installed it on my system, I checked the directory C:\Users\Amerisphere\AppData\Local\ToolwizCareFree\ to see if those files removed, they were not.
I closed Toolwiz are, went to the directory and manually deleted them, opened Toolwiz Care, check the directory and Toolwiz Care had created a new folder C:\Users\Amerisphere\AppData\Local\ToolwizCareFree\RegistryBackup\ with no registry backup.
A new registry backup will placed there as a result of an automatic and or manual registry backup by Toolwiz Care. Toolwiz Care should delete those files if the user decides to install the program.

If you would like to have all of what Toolwiz Care has to offer, you must install the program onto your system. Toolwiz Care will sit in the system tray upon closing for easy access to Restore Manager, System Restore Manager, Program Settings and more.

There are many other software products at their web site, if you are interested. Web link below.

Setup_SystemCare.exe (Toolwiz Care) I scanned with
AVG 2014, IOBit Malware Fighter, and Spybot – Search&Destroy
100% clean.

Who Is Toolwiz Software

Toolwiz was founded in Singapore in DEC. 2011 and has R&D center in China mainland and South Korea. The Toolwiz team is dedicated to provide the world with our innovative and comprehensive FREE-of-charge utilities and security software for superior PC performance and security. We are young, passionate and committed. We do believe everyone should have easy access to EFFECTIVE, SIMPLE and FREE solutions for System Maintenance and Security. Toolwiz products are always free…

Operating System: XP/Vista/7/8 (32bit/64bit)
File Size: 7.2 MB
Release Date: 2013-11-11


“Toolwiz Care is an all-in-one system cleaning and optimizing tool. It’s designed to help users boost the performance of older PCs by cleaning out junk files and entries and defragmenting disk drives.”
–CNET Editors’ Review.
Read CNET’s full review at:

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The Truth about WinMetro by IOBit

Bring Windows 8 Metro UI to Your Desktop

WinMetro is specially designed to bring the newly introduced
Windows 8 Metro UI to Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
It offers an easy solution for old versions of Windows users to try and enjoy the tile based Metro UI. By displaying useful information such as weather, calendar, news, stocks, and frequently used programs, it turns your desktop into an informative and productive work station.
It also offers the option to boot to Metro Start Screen directly.

WinMetro V1.0 | / 7.38 MB
Supports Windows XP/Vista/7

I asked myself, why would I want this metro user interface (UI) to run on my Windows seven operating system (OS). With all the trash talk about Windows eight being UN-user friendly,
is this free software worth my time and how can it benefit me.
As long as it doesn’t harm my system, I said, what the heck at least I’ll give it try.
Since it is a product of, I trusted the program and installed it on my computer.
WinMetro didn’t harm my system.

Immediately after running WinMetro, I thought, “this is cool”, I’m getting a small experience of the real Windows 8 “OS”. I began to rummage through its settings -easy enough to understand- and then I began clicking tabs. My first tab I clicked on was the weather tab, the loading indicator began to rotate, I waiting for 10 minutes, I got nothing. I cancelled the effort to set my weather location.
Next, I click the twitter tab, a new full screen window revealed itself with the log-on interface to twitter. I usually copy and paste all of my user information and password in all text fields,
I couldn’t do that here. So, I manually input my information, logged on
and twitter opened my account. What I could do there was extremely limited,
I knew immediately this wasn’t a browser, so I wouldn’t be able to do
the things you can do what a browser has to offer.

Clicking the Facebook tab did nothing, a complete blank screen.
The SkyDrive, Bing, and the maps tab resulted in limited activity.
The Internet Explorer tab opened my default browser, in this case, Firefox.
The calendar, market place, news feed, sports, photo’s and desktop tab worked flawlessly.

The program’s tab loaded all of my installed software program’s and executing them,
worked just as they were intended.

After completing the review of the tabs, I began to think of what I would like WinMetro to have that it doesn’t possess. I noticed the big word START, I thought, “I want to get rid of it”.
I went searching for any .ini file that I might be able to edit manually.
I found none. The only .ini file is for settings and the weather tab (app).
Having the ability to cut, and or replace the word start would be a welcomed feature for this free product. And being able to add tabs and or remove tabs.

WinMetro does display the user name and the option to access the current user account, as well as being able to shutdown, restart, etc. your computer. And if you are running a low screen resolution, WinMetro will advise you to run a higher resolution for better results.

ScreenShot 002

Another feature I like about WinMetro is you can search your computer for stored files, photo’s, video, etc.,… (see screenshot)

All in all if you want to have a Windows 8 like experience
on your Windows 7 machine without this little piece of software
burying it self deep into your “OS”,
then WinMetro is what you want.

Provided is a direct download link or you can visit IOBit
web site for more information.

Please feel free to comment and let me know if you have a different experience with this application.

IOBit Web Site. |

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