How To Celebrate 50 Years Of Star Trek

50 years of Star Trek and I found myself making this rainmeter skin.
So to celebartae this milestone I release this Star Trek skin, my contribution to 50 years of Star Trek.

System_PC_Star Trek Rainmeter Skin
System-PC – NCC-1701-E

Skin Folder Size: 21.3 MB

Rainmeter Installer Size: 7.02 MB

Screen Resolution: 1280×1024 and 1280×1024 – dragging and dropping will be required at a higher screen resolution.

AST provides the Wallpaper in all of its skins.

Additional Info about this skin:

The numbered buttons have dots due to their function needed grabbers.
Button Tool tips are provided.
46.9% is a bit high – low powered CPU systems may have difficulties running this design. (rainmeter skin)
Aimp Playing, Image’s, RSS, Speed fan, Time & Date, and Weather all have their own button.

A complete list of all files with-in this skin are located in the Info folder – \Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\ST_TNG\Info\File List.txt

Mods are allowed. However, if you make any improvements will you please let me know so I can implement them into the original skin.
Thank you. Just email me at amerisphere@gmx.com

Download Here

AST Location @ Customize.org = http://customize.org/AST

AST – at customize.org = http://customize.org/screenshots/65803611



Starfleet Pendant Launcher V 1.0

Download Here – Mediafire or Here

Starfleet Pendant Launcher V 1.0

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AST_GMS 2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this web site.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,100 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


Why Another Rainmeter Skin

Screenshot_It Is One_Simple_Layout Screenshot_It Is One_Full_Layout

It Is One – Version 1

Because I can. Making Rainmeter skins wasn’t something I was born to do. Once I understood
the basic’s of the “lua” code, I knew I could make a skin and be proud of my work.

By far I’m not the best rainmeter skin maker. There are plenty of skin creator’s out there.
You can find some at and . But, before you head over to any
go ahead and grab my skin, , that’s why you’re here, right.

And while you’re here, head on over to my Rainmeter skins for more skins.

If you need to get the Rainmeter software, you can head on over to the Rainmeter
and grab the latest version.

Thanks for your interest. Happy skin creation’s. You can find AST at –

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LUA Code – wiki

Quote of the day:

Once a word has been allowed to escape, it cannot be recalled.


Source: Windows Live Writer Plug-in.


Why This Wasn’t The Last Rainmeter Skin

Yup, I did it. I made another Rainmeter skin. Star Trek 4 Desktop-PC is now available.

The holidays came rolling around and I got bored, so I made this rainmeter skin.
After much thought, I may make version five, -but- that decision isn’t set in stone as of yet.

Screenshot_Layout_Low Level Operations_Current

This Star Trek skin isn’t related to any known Star Trek computer console layout.
As this skin was being built it took on this look and feel.

Complete with sound fx badge.
All skins are button activated and deactivated.
Comes with one themepack in the root folder.

Star Trek 4 (Desktop-PC) Version – 4.0 Build 120 / build number is an average based on skin refresh repetitions.

Skin Folder Size: 7.90 MB
Rainmeter Installer Size: 7.46 MB

Screen Resolution: 1280×1024 – dragging and dropping will be required at a higher screen resolution.

With this skin is Star Trek 4 Desktop-PC Screen Saver.exe – File Size – 1.17 MB

Created by
Amerisphere Software Technologies
Art Department

(if you would like to grab the screen saver maker, you can get it )

Grab this skin or visit all of the Rainmeter skins .

AST provides the Wallpaper in all of its skins.

Screenshot_Layout_Full System Operations

Final Layout = ST4_Layout_D-PC_Full System Operations

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Why Is This The Last Rainmeter Skin Part 3

OS 10_ScreenShot 01_Offline OS 10_ScreenShot 02_Offline OS 10_ScreenShot 01_w_Entertainment Panel

OS 8 n 10 Version – 1.4 Build 230

Here it is, the long awaited OS 10 Rainmeter Skin. Built in conjunction with OS 8.

Skin Folder Size: 26.7 MB – Rainmeter Installer Size: 24.2 MB

Screen Resolution: 1280×1024 – dragging and dropping will be required at a higher screen resolution.

This is my last skin, I’m tired and am going to move on. Thanks everybody for your interest in the skins I have created. Its been fun and a learning experience. And a special thanks to all of you rainmeter skin creators for your release’s I downloaded and learned from. A very special thanks to rainmeter for the free software, without it no one would be able to experiment and create. (skin creators are noticed in this skin)

multi-layouts with skin.
Measures Optimal
Meters compliant
Resources acceptable
Variables inline medium

OS 10 includes 2 Windows 7 .themepacks, (OS 8 Themepack – OS 10 Themepack) and 2 screensavers,  (ScreenSaverSetup OS 8 1 3.exe – Setup OS 10.exe

Layout backups included do not reflect actual applied layouts.
AST provides the Wallpaper in all of its skins.

No copyright protection is embedded in the wallpaper, do as you will with them.

Final Layout Screenshot:


OS 10_ScreenShot 04_Online

or go to get it and see more skins.

OS 8 n 10 Folders and Files:

OS 8\@Resources\Fonts\DIGITAL.TTF

OS 8\@Resources\Images\Bar.png
OS 8\@Resources\Images\BarBG.png
OS 8\@Resources\Images\BarRed.png
OS 8\@Resources\Images\FX 10 Orb.png
OS 8\@Resources\Images\FX 8 Orb.png
OS 8\@Resources\Images\Next.png
OS 8\@Resources\Images\Previous.png

Star Trek Sound FX – FX 8n10 Orbs

OS 8\@Resources\Sounds18.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds31.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds38.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds39.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds42.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds49.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\asterisk.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\closeprogram.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\command.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\criticalstop.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\defaultsound.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\ds9start.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\empty.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\error.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\exclamation.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\exit.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\intro.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\maximize.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\minimize.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\open.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\popup.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\question.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\reminder.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\restoredown.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\restoreup.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\ringin.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\ringout.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\start.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\systemdefault.wav
OS 8\@Resources\Sounds\voystart.wav

OS 8\@Resources\Variables\Settings.inc
OS 8\@Resources\Variables\UserVariables.inc

OS 8\Info\info.rtf
OS 8\Info\OS 8 Folder File List.txt
OS 8\Info\OS8Orb.ico
OS 8\Info\OS8_Session.ses

Problems may occur with layout backups,

OS 8\Layouts\Backboard.png
OS 8\Layouts\Backups\OS 10 Layout_01 w_E_Panel_10.25.14\Rainmeter.ini
OS 8\Layouts\Backups\OS 10 Layout_01 w_E_Panel_10.25.14\Wallpaper.bmp
OS 8\Layouts\Backups\OS 10 lo10 w_Orb10_2_10.20.2014\Rainmeter.ini
OS 8\Layouts\Backups\OS 10 lo10 w_Orb10_2_10.20.2014\Wallpaper.bmp
OS 8\Layouts\Backups\OS 10 lo10 w_Orb10_Start_10.20.2014\Rainmeter.ini
OS 8\Layouts\Backups\OS 10 lo10 w_Orb10_Start_10.20.2014\Wallpaper.bmp
OS 8\Layouts\Panel Fig1.png
OS 8\Layouts\What to do.ini

OS 8\OS 10 Themepack\OS 10.themepack
OS 8\OS 8 Themepack\Rainmeter OS 8 Black_AST.themepack
OS 8\OS 8 Themepack\Rainmeter OS 8 Clear_AST.themepack

OS 8\OS 8n10.ini

OS 8\Pulp\App Launcher\ALBG.png
OS 8\Pulp\App Launcher\Apps.txt
OS 8\Pulp\App Launcher\App_Web Launcher.ini
OS 8\Pulp\App Launcher\B1.png
OS 8\Pulp\App Launcher\B2.png
OS 8\Pulp\App Launcher\B3.png

OS 8\Pulp\AST LOGO\ASTLogo.png

OS 8\Pulp\Audio Back Drop\audiobackdrop.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Audio Back Drop\audiobackdrop.png

OS 8\Pulp\Bars\HortzBarOne\HortzBarOne.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Bars\HortzBarTwo\HortzBarTwo.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Bars\VertBarOne\VertBarOne.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Bars\VertBarTwo\VertBarTwo.ini

OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies A\Blinking Lights – Cyan\Blinky-Cyan.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies A\Blinking Lights – Green\Blinky-Green.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies A\Blinking Lights – Red\Blinky-Red.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies A\Blinking Lights – Yellow\Blinky-Yellow.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies B\Blinking Lights – Cyan\Blinky-Cyan.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies B\Blinking Lights – Green\Blinky-Green.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies B\Blinking Lights – Red\Blinky-Red.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies B\Blinking Lights – Yellow\Blinky-Yellow.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies C\Blinking Lights – Cyan\Blinky-Cyan.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies C\Blinking Lights – Green\Blinky-Green.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies C\Blinking Lights – Red\Blinky-Red.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies C\Blinking Lights – Yellow\Blinky-Yellow.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies D\Blinking Lights – Cyan\Blinky-Cyan.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies D\Blinking Lights – Green\Blinky-Green.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies D\Blinking Lights – Red\Blinky-Red.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Blinkies D\Blinking Lights – Yellow\Blinky-Yellow.ini

OS 8\Pulp\Center Panel\Bar.png
OS 8\Pulp\Center Panel\CenterPanel.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Center Panel\CenterPanel.png
OS 8\Pulp\Center Panel\E_Panel_Butt.png
OS 8\Pulp\Center Panel\Ideas.txt
OS 8\Pulp\Center Panel\mail_icon.png
OS 8\Pulp\Center Panel\Music Board.png
OS 8\Pulp\Center Panel\Music.png
OS 8\Pulp\Center Panel\NI.png
OS 8\Pulp\Center Panel\PC.png

A few collections have been removed,

OS 8\Pulp\Collections\Radar Prompt\Radar small.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Collections\Radar Prompt\radar small.png
OS 8\Pulp\Collections\Radar Prompt\radarBG small.png
OS 8\Pulp\Collections\Software\Close All\CloseAll.exe
OS 8\Pulp\Collections\Software\Close All\unins000.dat
OS 8\Pulp\Collections\Software\Close All\unins000.exe
OS 8\Pulp\Collections\Software\SH_Taskbar\SH_TaskBar.exe
OS 8\Pulp\Collections\Start\Dot 0.png
OS 8\Pulp\Collections\Start\logo.png
OS 8\Pulp\Collections\Start\Start.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Collections\Start\StartMenu\OpenStartMenu.exe
OS 8\Pulp\Collections\Start Sound\neon-startup2.wav
OS 8\Pulp\Collections\Start Sound\Start  Sound.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Collections\Start Sound\WELCOME BACK.wav

OS 8\Pulp\Dot 1\Dot 1.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 1\Dot 1.png
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 10\Dot 10.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 10\Dot 10.png
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 2\Dot 2.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 2\Dot 2.png
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 3\Dot 3.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 3\Dot 3.png
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 4\Dot 4.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 4\Dot 4.png
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 5\Dot 5.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 5\Dot 5.png
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 6\Dot 6.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 6\Dot 6.png
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 7\Dot 7.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 7\Dot 7.png
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 8\Dot 8.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 8\Dot 8.png
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 9\Dot 9.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Dot 9\Dot 9.png

OS 8\Pulp\Entertainment Panel\audiobackdrop.png
OS 8\Pulp\Entertainment Panel\b1.png
OS 8\Pulp\Entertainment Panel\b2.png
OS 8\Pulp\Entertainment Panel\b3.png
OS 8\Pulp\Entertainment Panel\Bar.png
OS 8\Pulp\Entertainment Panel\Close.png
OS 8\Pulp\Entertainment Panel\Entertainment Panel.png
OS 8\Pulp\Entertainment Panel\E_Panel.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Entertainment Panel\Music Board.png
OS 8\Pulp\Entertainment Panel\Music.png
OS 8\Pulp\Entertainment Panel\PC.png
OS 8\Pulp\Entertainment Panel\Track Board.png
OS 8\Pulp\Entertainment Panel\winamp.png

OS 8\Pulp\FX 10 Orb\FX 10 Orb.ini

OS 8\Pulp\FX 8Orb\FX 8 Orb.ini

OS 8\Pulp\Gmail3\gmail.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Gmail3\mail_back.png
OS 8\Pulp\Gmail3\mail_icon.png

OS 8\Pulp\Image Frame\CloseButton.png
OS 8\Pulp\Image Frame\Frame.png
OS 8\Pulp\Image Frame\Image Frame.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Image Frame\Images\Blank\Blank_256x256.png
OS 8\Pulp\Image Frame\Images\windows-7-wallpapers4desktop-com-099.jpg
OS 8\Pulp\Image Frame\Next.png
OS 8\Pulp\Image Frame\PicButt.png
OS 8\Pulp\Image Frame\Previous.png

OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\b1.png
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\B1a.png
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\B1b.png
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\B1c.png
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\b2.png
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\b3.png
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\Bar.png
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\Battery Bar.png
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\cd.png
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\Close.vbs
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\closeall.png
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\Eject CD_Bkgrnd.png
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\eject.vbs
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\line2.png
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\L_Panel.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\L_Panel.png
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\L_Pane_Alt.png
OS 8\Pulp\Left Panel\winamp.png

OS 8\Pulp\Power Controls\PC.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Power Controls\PC.png

OS 8\Pulp\Ribbon\ASTLogo.png
OS 8\Pulp\Ribbon\BD.png
OS 8\Pulp\Ribbon\fresh.png
OS 8\Pulp\Ribbon\help.png
OS 8\Pulp\Ribbon\Ribbon.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Ribbon\Ribbon.png
OS 8\Pulp\Ribbon\set.png
OS 8\Pulp\Ribbon\settings.txt

OS 8\Pulp\Right Panel\line.png
OS 8\Pulp\Right Panel\line2.png
OS 8\Pulp\Right Panel\MouseOver.png
OS 8\Pulp\Right Panel\NetCon.png
OS 8\Pulp\Right Panel\O.png
OS 8\Pulp\Right Panel\R_Panel.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Right Panel\R_Panel.png
OS 8\Pulp\Right Panel\R_Panel_Alt.png
OS 8\Pulp\Right Panel\T.png
OS 8\Pulp\Right Panel\T1.png
OS 8\Pulp\Right Panel\T3.png

OS 8\Pulp\RSS feed\Config.inc
OS 8\Pulp\RSS feed\nb.png
OS 8\Pulp\RSS feed\nbl.png
OS 8\Pulp\RSS feed\RSS feed.ini
OS 8\Pulp\RSS feed\RSS.png
OS 8\Pulp\RSS feed\RSS_Bkgrnd.png

OS 8\Pulp\Shadow\Shadow.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Shadow\Shadow.png

OS 8\Pulp\Shield\Shield.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Shield\Shield.png

OS 8\Pulp\Social Panel\Social Panel.ini
OS 8\Pulp\Social Panel\SocialPanel.png

OS 8\Pulp\SpeedFan\H.png
OS 8\Pulp\SpeedFan\S.png
OS 8\Pulp\SpeedFan\Speedfan_Meter.ini

Screensavers by AST – 100% safe.

OS 8\Screen Saver\ScreenSaverSetup OS 8 1 3.exe
OS 8\Screen Saver\Setup OS 10.exe

OS 8\Screenshots\OS 10\OS 10_ScreenShot 01_Offline.jpg
OS 8\Screenshots\OS 10\OS 10_ScreenShot 02_Offline.jpg
OS 8\Screenshots\OS 10\OS 10_ScreenShot 03_Online.jpg
OS 8\Screenshots\OS 10_ScreenShot 01_Online.jpg
OS 8\Screenshots\OS 10_ScreenShot 01_w_Entertainment Panel.jpg
OS 8\Screenshots\OS 10_ScreenShot 02_Online.jpg
OS 8\Screenshots\OS 8\OS 8_ScreenShot 02a_.jpg
OS 8\Screenshots\OS 8\OS 8_ScreenShot 02b_.jpg
OS 8\Screenshots\OS 8\OS 8_ScreenShot 02c_.jpg
OS 8\Screenshots\OS 8\OS 8_ScreenShot 02d_.jpg
OS 8\Screenshots\OS 8\OS 8_ScreenShot 02e_.jpg

OS 8\Wallpaper\Win10_Whirl Stage_01.jpg
OS 8\Wallpaper 2\BluSpread_8_027.jpg

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After further study, I have concluded, I could have done better with this skin.
But, since I’m tired and want to move on from skins, I have released OS 8n10 as is.

…crawling in my skin…

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Why OS 8 Wasn’t The Last Rainmeter Skin

OS 10_ScreenShot 01_Online OS 10_ScreenShot 02_Online

OS 10 is why OS 8 wasn’t my last Skin!

After the creation of OS 8, I continued to create a better version of OS 8 and will be releasing
OS 10 soon. OS 10 will include 2 Windows 7 .themepacks, (OS 8 Themepack – OS 10 Themepack) and 2 screensavers,  (ScreenSaverSetup OS 8 1 3.exe – Setup OS 10.exe)

As well as the skin itself and a whole lot of meters.

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* Stay tuned for the release of OS 10 – no release date has been set yet. *

I’m Feeling LuckyRainmeter Skins | Desktop Enhancements