What About Today’s Technology

Let me tell you something about technology and me.

When I started putting keys to screen you could say I was late coming into the computer technology world. I was granted the privilege to sit at my brother’s Tandy 4000. I was immediately fascinated with that machine. I wanted to know what was going on inside that machine that made it do what it did. So I began my quest to learn how the windows appeared on the screen. When I finally found out a window was made up of image’s I was shocked. (by the way I destroyed the Tandy by wiping the hard drive clean, my brother and I had to take it to a computer repair shop. I never had to take another computer in for repairs. I taught my self how to repair computer’s)

In 1999 the world was still trying to figure out what the internet could do for us as people. Gmail was just a speck in Google’s thought. Juno email was king. Free software was still in its infancy, although there was some really good product’s on the market that would help the performance of a computer. Such as software that would free up RAM and programs that would clean out the junk files on the hard drive to make a system run faster. I began learning about freeware and it was freeware that helped me learn more about computers.  Please keep in mind not all free software is safe. There’s a lot of bad actors that love to build bad software and offer it for free, just so you install onto your computer and spy on you. We call them “Trojan’s”.

I have fallen victim to such program’s many times, however, those bad program’s never had the time to steal any of my personal data.

I’m getting to a point here –but- seem to be off track a little.

Nearly 20 years later we have come a long way with technology.
Better built software, social media, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, games, and custom built computer systems.
I too wanted to build a software program, so I did.

I call it Wintrol. Wintrol has the ability to take advantage of the built-in applets of Windows Operating  Systems (OS) control panel and many more Windows tools and services.

The program is safe and free from any unwanted content.

Now some personal opinions.

Today’s technology has come so far and is still advancing at a rate we really can’t keep up with. For example, the social media giant Facebook shut down AI it was working on because it started coding its own language that they didn’t understand. I’m not going to into specifics because that would make this writing to lengthy.

What is this article about you may ask?

Well recently I was asking myself what and where does all this technology have to do with the great book “The Bible.”
You could argue the bible is nothing but a book written by men and is flawed. I’m not going to have that argument with you. I have that argument with God, and that’s enough with-in its own self.

Just the other day, I was reminded of some scripture in the book of Revelations. It talks about the image of the beast. Revelations 13-15

King James Bible
And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Admittingly I don’t understand it.
And I will never understand it –but- my mind won’t let go that this has something to do with technology.
I could be way off base about this because I don’t know and I have to say no one else does either. A biblical scholar would say they know, but they get bible scripture wrong too.

I for one don’t worship technology, in fact I have thought of deleting my digital presence many times. And it could still happen.
Do we ever really get rid of our digital fingerprint? No.
Who is the beast and who is the image?
Could it be social media? As of now, we can say no. No one is putting you to death because you don’t worship technology.
Will it happen in the future? Maybe. Maybe not.

I do know I won’t be given up my quest to build my own custom computer. It’s a great time to build your own machine.
The lack of funds is keeping me from building my own machine.
Even though the cost of building a great machine is relatively low.
A six hundred dollar machine can be a wonderful build and I long for the day when I can start. I hope I can start purchasing the parts before the cost rises.

After ten years I still want to turn this website into its own dot com so I can start hoping again to make a dollar. A dollar needed for my retirement. That’s why I created Amerisphere Software Technologies.
Actually, I created AST to bring to you the Ingenuity of free software and to express the excitement of technology.

I won’t stop as long as I have a life.

My AST Facebook page needs your support, so would you give some love and head on over to the AST at Facebook and click like if you haven’t done so already, and if you already have liked AST, engage in the post more often by reacting to the post news. Thank you.
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You might not be interested in all this technology stuff, and that’s fine and dandy.
I won’t twist your arm or kill you.
However, the news I share or post are of importance to everyone that holds a handheld computer (smart-phone) in their hands. Or sits at a desktop computer.  Thanks for taking a little time of your time and reading this. I love you.

Amerisphere Software Technologies_Gary M. Smith

It’s taken me up to 20 years to write this, and I didn’t even cover everything I could have.

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How To: Do You Want Your Android Phone To Talk To You?

Actually an Android smart phone doesn’t speak by default.

But there is an app that will read and speak what’s inside your phone,
if you select it to do so. And it is, Shouter.
Shouter is amazing. Shouter Pro has so much to offer in an Android app.

I especially enjoy the part where you can have a Shouter Widget on your screen.
The widget sits right there on your screen for easy disabling and enabling.
In other words, turn shouter on or off.

I put together some screenshots from my phone to help serve as a guide in case you would like to use them a reverence resource. (Check them out below)

It’s totally possible to take 30 minute’s out of the evening and tinker around with Shouter.
Have shouter tell you the time.
Shouter can set/read any reminders you have.
It can tell you if the battery is low.
And perhaps the best section, shouter can read the notifications from apps.
Like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and many more .

With shouter you can set your own text for reading SMS message’s.
Shouter will read custom text from incoming calls.

And in certain notification sounds set by the phone shouter works well right along side.

Shouter is safe from any un-wanted content (malware, spying, etc.) -but- if you would want to consider if shouter has a bit of a privacy issue, one could say shouter log’s all the incoming notifications. However, you can remove the logs and disable logging. Please keep in my logging is on by default, (default – set to on automatically).

By using the link to Shouter over at Google Play (here) you can learn more about the app,
and or install shouter. Provided your phone is connected to a computer.
You can also just install Shouter from Google Play Store that’s on the phone.
Installing it from there is the best way.

I believe its possible one could get annoyed with shouter after a long day.

One thing for sure, shouter is very useful when you’re driving home from work and the peeps are trying to reach you even though you just happen to be the safest driver on the road and don’t use the smart phone while driving. Hearing the content of the notification without thinking about picking up the phone you can relax and take the time to prepare one’s thought’s before engaging into a follow-up.

I’ve been using Shouter for almost two years now, and have never had any extreme issue’s with the app crashing. Once there was a bug. After an update shouter didn’t reconnect to the selected apps I had set. So I had to uncheck them all and redo. Then shouter updated from the Google Play Store to fix the bug. The current version in release is very stable and I suggest using the software. If you’re a work horse then shouter just might be the smart phone app you need for better office productivity.

There’s only one way to find out if shouter is for you.
Give it a try, if you don’t like having the phone talk to you, then just un-install it.

I rate Shouter with 5 Stars – Think Twitter and POTUS – Shouter is good for Working in the field, while in the Office, sitting at home, in the gym , and if you’re away just soaking up the ray’s. You might want to turn shouter off if you’re on the beach.

Shouter Master Control / Enable Shouter to control all your shouts.
2018-04-14 05 28 54
By taping on each section is where you can set the many options shouter gives you. At the silent hours option you can choose the hours you want shouter to be silent. The notification section allows you to pick which apps you want shouter to read. Call, Message, and Time allows you to create a custom text, thus reading the custom text setting notifications.
2018-04-14 05 29 01
Reading Apps
2018-04-14 05 29 14
Here’s where you select the apps you want shouter to read and shout, so your phone talks to you. Being able to hear my phone tell me what’s happening in real time is like a normal commodity now. If it suddenly disappeared I would be left wondering what happened.
2018-04-14 05 29 25
Custom text for incoming message’s.
2018-04-14 05 29 29
Enable Shouter to read message’s
2018-04-14 05 29 32
Enable Shouter to read incoming phone calls.
The Shouter Widget
Shouter Logging

Here we can find the logging shouter can do and does by default. So if you don’t want shouter to log your apps notifications you’re gonna want to go to that section and disable logging. I have shouter saying, “please acknowledge. incoming data. displaying. The rest shouter handles.

If you have any questions I would be glad to answer them, provided I’m able to do so.
Please allow for a timely response.


Will The Twitter App, Periscope Take a Spot…

…in social media?

hash tag , for Android and iPhone.

Broadcast live right from your phone and have your followers comment.

As well as “Broadcast” yourself.

Read your followers comments and reply through your broadcast.

Google search page .


This app is truly cool, a wonder and is it creepy !?

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What is a Rainmeter Skin

Star Trek Panel Two (desktop-PC)

Star Trek Panel Two

Rainmeter displays customizable skins, like memory and battery power, RSS feeds and weather forecasts, right on your desktop. Many skins are even functional: they can record your notes and to-do lists, launch your favorite applications, and control your media player – all in a clean, unobtrusive interface that you can rearrange and customize to your liking. The recent skin I have here is now available.

But first you must have the latest version of Rainmeter.

Rainmeter is open source software distributed free of charge under the terms of the GNU GPL v2 license. Use the Rainmeter Guide to .

Star Trek Panel Two (desktop-PC)

To use Star Trek Panel Two (desktop-PC) you must have Rainmeter version
3.0.0 r2116 32-bit (Oct 13 2013) or higher.
Windows “OS” XP or higher.

Get Star Trek Panel Two (desktop-PC) .

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Today’s Apple Event – iPhone5

 At 1:00pm EST, Apple revealed the iPhone 5.

I followed the event right here from my desk, watching the Echofon
Twitter feed and keeping up with 3 web sites as they live blogged
what they were hearing as participates at the Apple reveal.

You can learn more from the main page.


I’m all over the Internet

It’s weird posting about myself a lot, -but- that’s what your supposed to do in order to get maximum exposure.

So I’m all over the Internet and here are links you can click and find out more about me. Some links you can follow me on twitter, friend me on Facebook, or like my Fan Page, follow me on Pinterest, and more.

You should know what to do, so here they are: (in no particular order)

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If I have forgotten to add other links, if I remember them, I will update this post.


Oh, Yes I Did.

Worked on my site today. Deleted some plugins, activated new ones. The Facebook plugin made by Facebook is working at accepted parameters. A new tweet to Twitter plugin working as well too.

Posted some really good post I reviewed from other sources. When I get done writing some software reviews I will be posting them -however- at this time I’m not sure when they will be ready.

Have a Happy Monday, everybody.
I’m disconnecting from this virtual world now.